I have a passion for creating beautiful experiences, from digital products to spaces we interact with everyday. I love how design can shape the way we live.

Based in Washington, D.C., I’m a user experience designer and researcher with more six years of experience working as a UX designer in the federal government. I’m committed to building more usable, accessible and even delightful experiences. I’m skilled in various research methods and have a background in interaction design, UX research, and journalism. I have a bachelor’s degree in media arts and design and interactive media from James Madison University and a master’s in user experience design and information sciences from Kent State University.

UX design, research, and strategy
Experience with UX design, user research, building UX teams, and user research programs. Specialize in usability testing, information architecture analysis, card sorting, design workshops, sketching and wireframing, low- and high-fidelity mock-ups, and heuristic analysis

Front-end development
Advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS and basic JavaScript. Experienced with content management systems, such as WordPress. Experienced in building out custom sites for different non-profit organizations. Led an effort to design, code, and manage a federal agency’s internal design system

Content strategy
Grounded in a journalism background focusing on reporting, writing, art, design, and photography. Experienced in content strategy for print newspapers, medium and large websites. Experienced in content and comprehension testing on large websites.