Hi I’m Sean.

I do UX research + design

I like to solve problems, driven by empathy, collaboration, and smart design

Latest work

D.C Metro Payment Customer Study
dc metro
How well does the Washington, D.C.’s transit payment system work for customers? I conduct research to find answers to my central question: how can they adopt changes that improves the user experience?
Money Adventure Mobile App
money adventure mobile app
I conduct usability testing with kids to help learn how well the Money Adventure app works. Kids are honest users and their feedback was instrumental in the success of the product. So what did they say?
Billings Public Library Site Redesign
billings site wireframe
Symptoms of site sprawl and too much content. How I drilled down a library website to help create an inviting, task-oriented site that focuses on users’ needs and goals with a revised information architecture and design.